The Corona Crisis – Time for new creativity, for poetry and for inventions?

On 15 June most of our colleagues returned from working from home back to our premises. We are very happy to make another step towards normal operation, and to have everybody back to see and to speak to in person.


Thank you very much to our whole team for great commitment in troubled times! We are really impressed that we have managed to keep operations running as smoothly as ever in the law firm.


Thank you to all colleagues who held the fort in Ueberlingen and Constance even though they could have worked from home. Thank you also to all those who did their utmost working from home, to maintain the quality of our work at the high level we are used to.


There are of course very special thanks to our IT team. Day after day everybody in the team was able to work from home and to communicate via Internet and video telephony. What an incredible feat!


Should the future bring the necessity to return to the changed work mode, we will be able to handle this with sang-froid. We are prepared to carry out a change at short notice and to continue with business as usual.

We have taken on the task of supplying our clients with top-quality one-stop solutions in the field of intellectual property rights.

Our comprehensive service is based on technical know-how as well as legal expertise. Thus in our law firm’s expert teams the patent attorneys work together with lawyers, physicists and engineers specializing in a variety of sections of engineering, complemented by a highly skilled secretarial department comprising paralegals and patent paralegals, a university graduate (German language studies) and secretaries for foreign languages.

We are prepared to represent you before the German Patent and Trademark Office and the German Patent Court in order to obtain and to defend your IP rights (in particular patents, utility patents, trademarks and designs) or to assist you in challenging a third party’s IP right wherever in the world. Furthermore, we will enforce your existing claims for IP protection in courts and out of courts of justice, defend you against third parties’ claims, set up license agreements and see you through license negotiations.

Besides the high standards we have set for our work performance and
achievements, our law firm’s main unique feature is our steadfast
commitment to developing our service range breaking up obsolete
structures thus striking new paths for our clients.

  • Customized patent knowledge workshops serving to shorten development time,
  • calculable service packages tailor-made to our clients’ requirements,
  • IP rights administration software including a digital filesystem and online access for our clients,
  • patent assessment

Through these features of our new service program we make a difference, offering our clients the competitive edge that opens up the road to success.

The law firm Daub is based in the city centre of Ueberlingen directly by Lake Constance, with further offices in Constance and Zurich.