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Financial risk “Unitary Patent System”
This concerns your granted European patents as well as your European patent applications.


On June 1st, 2023, the starting shot was given for the new “Unitary Patent System” in Europe.

Comprehensive support in the field of Intellectual Property also requires extensive counseling with regard to the subject “Unitary Patent System in Europe”.

With the imminent introduction of the so-called “Unitary Patent System”, the patent system in Europe is entering an extensive development process. Two components are of importance for the further development: the Unitary Patent (UP) and the Unified Patent Court (UPC).

A unitary patent provides uniform protection and has the same effect in all participating member states. It can be restricted, transferred or revoked or can expire only for all participating member states.
Regarding the Unified Patent Court, please note that its competence will also extend to European bundle patents granted before the start of the “Unitary Patent System” and claiming effect in the participating member states.
The new system is based on a variety of legal foundations, thus inducing complex questions concerning existing European bundle patents as well as unitary patents that will be granted in the future. It will provide a wide range of strategic options for securing tailor-made protection for your inventions.

In our law firm we have assembled an expert team from the patent and legal departments, who have spent the past months intensively occupying themselves with this complex subject and the issues involved. This expert team is prepared to provide you with comprehensive advice regarding the Unitary Patent System in Europe.


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