Patent Knowledge Management / Innovation Management

Creative passion and innovative ideas are basis, nourishment and condition for economic success, prosperity and employment.


We have set up our patent knowledge management workshops to enhance and support our clients‘ inventive enthusiasm and passionate creativity.


Our workshops – to be set up at our premises or at yours – are strategically aimed at:

  • shortening time-consuming development processes,
  • avoiding double developments and
  • patent infringement, and
  • saving considerable development costs for our client.

Our Method:

In a planning session for the envisaged project, core tasks and documentation structure are defined by your company (e. g. development of a shock-absorbing handle for a handheld machine tool).

Our next step is carrying out and evaluating a patent search in order to define the free and the protected prior art relevant to the core task. Research results are processed and presented to the inventors in a creativity workshop, thereby making sure that all members of the developing team dispose of the same knowledge base to work from towards the core task. In a follow-up workshop new inventive solutions for the core task are worked out in cooperation with the patent attorney.

If desired, we insert the relevant research results, as well as the new development results found in the workshop, into our patent administration software, tagging them into a keyword structure easily to be accessed by our clients.