Patent knowledge management / Innovation management


Innovative enthusiasm and creative mental resources are the

basis, the elixir and the prerequisite

of economic success as well as the guarantee for growth, wealth and employment.


It’s now more than 20 years since we started our successful workshops, which we have been developing steadily for the purpose of supporting and furthering our clients’ innovative thinking and creative passion.

In accordance with our mission statement, our intention is not only satisfying our clients but making them ENTHUSIASTIC with our work.

The purpose of our workshops, which may take place in our law firm, at our clients’ premises or in the form of webinars, is a strategy aimed at:

  • Shortening developing time, in particular by avoiding double developments,
  • Reducing developing costs and
  • The risk of patent infringement as well as
  • Supporting creative approaches to achieve a protectable development edge.

Our course of action:

There will be a preliminary meeting in which basic tasks are defined and relevant competitors in the respective field are identified. Subsequently technological areas, both project-specific as well as outside the project, are defined, which could provide potentially interesting input.

In the following we carry out and evaluate a patent search, on the basis of which a creativity workshop with the developer team responsible for the project will serve to work out:

  • what is free prior art and could be used directly,
  • what is protected prior art and should be considered so as to avoid patent infringement, and
  • which technical solutions, both project-specific and outside the project, could be of special interest, in particular also for new, innovative and protectable approaches.

In a next step the new approaches and solutions obtained in the creativity workshop are assembled on our side and are transmitted to the developer team. These approaches and solutions are then evaluated, prioritized and expanded, aiming at achieving a protectable development headstart and thus in particular a strategic competitive edge regarding an innovative solution.

If desired, we are also happy to enter the relevant search results as well as the new approaches and solutions found in the workshop into our patent administration software, which means that they will be deposited in a keyword structure, allowing our clients to find them easily at any time.

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