IP Rights Evaluation


In our knowledge-based economy the value of Intellectual Property rights is steadily increasing.

There are plenty of companies holding IP rights which constitute an essential portion of the company’s assets. Are they aware of the potential value of these IP rights, respectively of the company?

Examples for the value of an IP right being assessed not only by its quality but mainly by its monetary value:

1. Sale of the company or parts of the company / mergers
2. Negotiations with investors, e.g. banks, financing companies
3. Balance and tax optimizing
4. Assigning IP rights
5. Selling IP rights
6. Enhancing cost efficiency of the IP right portfolio
7. Matching patent strategy to business strategy
8. Inventors’ remuneration
9. Evaluation for damage compensation
10. Evaluation in the case of bankruptcy

We are already capable of providing evaluation for your IP rights according to DIN standard 77100,

in most engineering sectors: General Mechanic Engineering, Electro-Engineering, Software Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Materials Science, Metallurgy and Nanotechnology.

Evaluation is carried out in our teams of patent attorney, patent professionals and lawyers, who contribute their top-level knowledge input in order to supply you with the approved and reliable quality information required for making economically reasonable decisions.

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